— Other Liabilities


In the previous episode of the late bailout show, Greece missed an IMF repayment and the EU reminded them that outstanding debt might be recalled according to the bailout terms. Molon Labe – Come and get it! – was the

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-What are you doing?

-As you can see I am smoking.

-Oh. I thought the cigarette was smoking you.

Whereas he thought of himself as an untroubled father, comfortably seated in his armchair after a hard day at the office,

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Lehman Brothers’ bankruptcy in September 2008 had disastorus effects for the global economy.

Now another financial giant is posing a great risk for to the financial markets.

As the DoJ’s plans to issue a 14bn fine to Deutsche Bank for …

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Walter Ehrlich, remembered his experience [in the second world war] after he had been badly wounded in northern France and taken back into the hospital. He described a nurse going from patient to patient with her ‘large syringe’, injecting a

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There is nothing outside of the text […] beyond and behind what one believes can be circumscribed as Rousseau’s text, there has never been anything but writing; there have never been anything but supplements, substitutive significations which could only come

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